Author Status (Retired from NWN but makes Animated Short-Stories on Youtube):

The Creator of "Surviving Horror 1 & 2", "Calm before the Storm" and "A New Journey Begins" for NWN1 and "Berra's Estate of Horrors" for the "Halloween" NWN2 module.

You can find all of my Neverwinternights Adventures below to your Right! Download, enjoy and vote if you feel like it. :)

Birger is not making Neverwinternights Mods anymore; instead he's going to start releasing animated short-movies on his Youtube Channel Bright Bear Tales.

Monday, October 23, 2017

30th Anniversary X 2 !

As you may or may not know ... Final Fantasy has it's 30th Anniversary this Year. Yay! :P

I love the Final Fantasy series ... so it'll come as no surprise that my first NWN modules "Calm before the Storm" & "A New Journey Begins" were heavily influenced and inspired by this fantastic series.

This year is very special to me personally as well ... not only because my Favorite Series has it's 30th Anniversary ... but also since I, myself ... have had my 30th Birthday this year. Yes. You read that correctly. I was born the same year Final Fantasy was.

I didn't really think about it and I found this out myself just at the beginning of this year. But when I had let it sink in ... it felt like it, somehow ... just was MEANT to be. :)

And of course ... I just HAD to wish for Final Fantasy 15 as my Birthday Present. ;)

15 is half of 30 after all ...

Take care everyone. :)

Birger out.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Support NWNVault by Becoming a Patreon!

The Folks behind the "New" Nwnvault is Accepting Patreons! In case you ask yourself right now "What the heck is a Patreon, Birger??" In short -- people, like you and me; decide to help by Donating $'s Each Month. That way, we can become Monthly Supporters.

Your next Question may be "Why, Birger ... why???" Well, to put this even simpler: Nwnvault is Ad-free and Hosting the Website costs Money from their own Pockets. If we want Nwnvault to stay Ad-free and better yet -- Keep Staying on the Internet -- then becoming a Patreon would be a very wise choice indeed.

Join me and Let's Support Our Community Together! ^_^

Birger out.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

10-Year Anniversary for First Youtube Original Movie!

Time goes really fast ... it's been 10 Years since I finished filming and Released my First Original Horror Film on Youtube. I first released it in 2007.

That movie was the Silent Hill-inspired "Silent Hill: Darkness".

It has a lot of flaws, considering it was my very first film, still it's my favorite of all movies I've made to date. Story wise, I feel it's a master-piece ... filming technique-wise ... not at much. ;) Still ... I believe everyone's first movie to be a Learning Experience.

As I mentioned, I'm very proud of it's Story. I took the most Time on Writing this Movie's Script compared to my other movies and I took grate care in using a lot of Silent Hill-related moments as a Tribute to the games and it's fans. Game-sound ... Similar story-themes ... the Mystery ... Music ... Characters ... Items ... and Dialog.

If you haven't watched it, I hope you'd like to in order to Celebrate it's 10-th Anniversary with me. ^_^

Birger out. 

Updated Steam-Grid Pics & My Personal Favorite-Modules

Hello Everyone, Birger here! :)

I'd like to start by showing you and Share Updated Versions of the Steam-Grid Pics for My Modules I first created about a Year Ago:

For awhile I've felt something was missing. I'm proud of the rewards I managed to get for my work so I felt like showing it off on the pics. ;) Adding a NWN-Logo really felt like the Coup De Grace. ^_^

I would also like to take this moment to Share with you Steam-Grid Pics that I have created for my Personal Favorite-Modules that other Mod-Creators have created for NWN1 (here they are in Alphabetic Order):

All of the mods can be found on the new NWNVault by searching for their Titles. I heartwarmly recommend them all.

I have also created Steam-Grid Pics for the Official NWN-Games and their Expansions:

I hope at least some of these will be of use to you. :)

Until Next Time.

Birger Out.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Steam-Grid Pics & Samhain's Eve Wallpapers

Hey everyone!

I'd just like to share the Steam-Grid pics I created today for my NWN1 Modules -- feel free to use them as much as you want:

I also made 2 Wallpapers for my Halloween Module "Samhain's Eve":

Fitting for this Halloween Weekend, don't ya think? ;)


Birger out.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Happy Anniversary SH2! ^_^

Heh, by sheer coincidence I decided to check out the module page for my personal favorite (and Triple-Award Winning) module  Surviving Horror 2. It turns out that it had its 10th-Year Anniversary this Month! 9th of Febuary, to be exact. ^o^ HURRAY//HUZZAH!

So without futher ado:

Happy 10th Anniversary SH2! :D

(And if you haven't played it yet -- during this anniversary it's a perfect time to do so!)

Friday, November 6, 2015

"Wanderer" - A mix of RPG & Platformer // Mass Effect- & Another World-ish Gameplay

If you, like me, love the Mass Effect series and various Platformers (Another World is mentioned as inspiration) -- do yourself a favor and check out Red Cloak Games' game "Wanderer"!

They are currently on their FINAL WEEK back on Kickstarter so if you like what you see at their Kickstarter page - be sure to back them, like I did! :) HURRY THOUGH, only 5 DAYS LEFT as I'm writing this.

I'm looking forward to the game immensly. ^_^

Birger out.